Relocations / Estates


"When we saw the kitchen organized, linens put away, and beds made...we vowed never to move again without Breathing Space. -Harry L., Repeat Client (Irvine, CA)
"Breathing Space focused on the details so we could actually enjoy our move. If this was a movie, it would get five stars!
-Dottie B., Repeat Client (Long Beach, CA)
"Most people will tell you that it takes years to organize a house and they're right - except when Breathing Space is involved. Then it takes only a matter of days or even hours! I went from feeling overwhelmed to feeling relaxed . Shanna is one of the most efficient people I've ever met." 
-Vicki C., Repeat Client (Newport Beach, CA)
"My move seemed like a dream rather than a nightmare...taking a load off my mind ! I shall not soon forget this pleasant experience and all the effort it saved me. Best of all, my newly organized closet looks like a magazine advertisement for the ideal men's clothing store!"
-Hudson S. (Corona Del Mar, CA )
"Our move went so smooth that we were amazed. From organizing and helping with our packing, the actual move itself, to helping us settle into our new home, unpacking the boxes, hanging up our clothes and even making our bed! Everything went according to plan. To put icing on the cake, the total cost of our move, including the cost of hiring Breathing Space, was significantly less than an almost identical move 2-1/2 years ago. Without any reservations we can totally recommend Breathing Space." 
-George and Mary Anne W., Repeat Client (Newport Beach, CA)
"I have moved households several times in my life, but never have I experienced such professional, efficient, and caring help! I can honestly say that we could never have moved to Spain without Breathing Space managing the overall project...including us! Breathing Space literally took care of everything from packing boxes, contracting with shippers on both ends, finding a climate-controlled storage facility for our artwork, and researching shipping options for our dog.  The company's name is perfect ! We are not just happy customers. We are happy REPEAT customers." 
- Candy D., Repeat Client (Spain)   

"Finding Breathing Space has been a true blessing and treasure for our family.  Her attention to detail, thoroughness, and highest standards have made this tough time of managing an estate from afar seem doable. Her knowledge of what needs to be done and what resources to utilize have saved us time and frustration .  Breathing Space magically makes things happen with great sensitivity."
–Nina and Marc G., required assistance with estate located in Southern California (Nina lives in Northern California and Marc is in Florida) 


"I would glowingly recommend Breathing Space. Not only did the move go smoothly, but I saved both time and money." - Susan G. (Reno, NV)
"Breathing space treats clients like they are part of their own family. The follow-up with clients is unbelievable! I couldn't have moved my 93 year old aunt without the assistance of Breathing Space."
–Ruth H. (Santa Monica, CA) 


Household / Business


“Working with Breathing Space was like a breath of fresh air . Not only did I get my office into an effective and efficient work environment, I also learned how to keep it functioning that way. What a value this service has been to me.” – Holly Noble, Mary Kay Consultant (Lakewood, CA ) 

"I never thought I would love the art of creating order. I could have never attempt it without your unique healing spirit. You have changed my life by helping me through the minefields of my life. My dreams are different."
-Lynne P. Realtor (Redondo Beach, CA)
“Breathing Space is a uniquely talented company. They are passionate about their work and very sensitive to my needs and requirements…designing and implementing a custom-tailored system that fit my unique work style and natural tendencies. Breathing Space also worked closely with my assistant to establish a system that integrated seamlessly with mine. Breathing Space has been and continues to be an invaluable resource and integral part of my business . Due, in part, to Shanna’s tireless efforts, our projected revenues are up 70% on a year-over-year basis.
- Glenn A. McKinney, Jefferson Pilot, Repeat Client (Safety Harbor, Florida ) 

"I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest !"
- Dave M., Mall Leasing (Lakewood, CA )

"Shanna is like a proverbial silent helper who is compassionate without being judgmental. Her hands and eyes grasp spatial concepts and put things in order with a human touch. Her quiet confidence gave me confidence and her friendly manner relaxed and energized me. She didn't come with any preconceived concepts and my personality was faithfully preserved.
- Dorcas M.(Seal Beach, CA)
“Thank you, Shanna, for being you. I admire your love for life and sincerity in giving to others. People like you make the world a better place. Best of all, I now enjoy sitting at my desk !”
–Gay T. (Rossmoor, CA) 

“I am about out of my mind with a sense of freedom. I feel as though I have my home and, in a sense, myself back. I have back the sense of mastery I once had and the gorilla of pressure off my back. Thanks for helping me realize my dreams. You're an angel and helpful in more ways than you can imagine.” 
-Lyn D. (Long Beach, CA) 

"Thanks for ALL your support and encouragement. You have become a beacon of light on the bumpy road of life ."
- G.D. (Long Beach, CA )

Speaking Engagements


"You received rave reviews from all the folks in your class.  I heard it from both the members and the staff.  People can't stop talking about it.  Congrats!"  -Director (Lakewood Senior Oasis)


"We are still hearing comments on how effective your talk was.  Personally, I want to thank you for inspiring me to re-evaluate how I keep my calendar.  No more sticky notes!  I am so pleased - and it's all due to you."    - CEO (Buena Park Chamber)


"It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to enjoy your truly informative presentation.  I want to extend my appreciation for your talent as a speaker.  You were an immense help in understanding how easy it can be to organize your home and life."  -Broker/Manager (Caldwell Banker, Long Beach) 


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