Not sure if you need a professional organizer?  Don’t know where to start?  Breathing Space makes your situation more manageable by splitting it into smaller pieces or phases.  Whether you ask us to handle the entire job or decide to work alongside, you will soon appreciate the name of our business.  In fact, it is not about “stuff” or “clutter”.  It is about the whole being and how our physical world can limit us. 


The services offered by Breathing Space can be categorized into the following categories.  In reality, however, the services we offer are actually limited only by your imagination.  For more information on our services, please click on the links below :


How Does The Process Work?


Breathing Space understands that it is often difficult to ask for assistance.  Working one-one-one, we capture your unique needs and offer processes, procedures, and solutions that will support your goals, budget, and timeline.  


What makes Breathing Space’s method different?  We place equal importance on “how” and “what” we do.  While remaining a 3rd party, Breathing Space becomes a part of your business and family.  This unique partnership, allows us to design solutions around you and make your goal a reality.  In order to maintain a high level of integrity, the following process is followed:  


Phase I:  Consultation / Needs Assessment

Before offering any solutions, Breathing Space Service performs a consultation to assess your needs and ensure we are the right partner.  The information collected during the consultation ensures that the services recommended by Breathing Space are in direct proportion to your needs.  All information is considered confidential.


Phase II:  Taking Action

Using the information collected during the needs assessment, Breathing Space guides you through a step-by-step process that allows you to make choices.  You may prefer to ask Breathing Space to handle all aspects of your job, stay connected by working alongside, or pay for a consultation only.  The choice is yours! 


Combining systems thinking and basic organizing techniques, Breathing Space designs solutions around you and your lifestyle.  Depending on the circumstances this phase may be split into smaller steps, thus saving you money, time, and energy. 


In the end, a process that is often avoided or dreaded is accomplished by the guidance, encouragement, motivation, involvement, and organization of Breathing Space.  


Phase III:  Follow-up 

Breathing Space is dedicated to your success and remains in contact with you until all phases are completed.  Depending on the situation, we may also schedule follow-up maintenance calls.  Ongoing contact by clients is encouraged and welcomed!

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