Small Businesses and Home Offices

Breathing Space believes “organizing is not a talent, it is a skill”. In order to embrace this notion, you must address two areas of your business. First, you need to understand what barriers are keeping you from being organized and design systems accordingly. In the case of businesses or home offices, barriers may include such things as attitude, habits, room layout, workflow, calendar, filing system, etc. Second, you need to identify what areas are “working” and then duplicate them!


Breathing Space has partnered with a variety of businesses that have incorporated simple organizing solutions based on the above belief. Designed around your unique needs, our solutions are meant to be flexible enough to change as your business changes. We coach you through the organizing process and teach you to maintain your space. In the end, barriers that are keeping you from being efficient will be identified and either eliminated, adjusted, or moved.


With over 15 years of management and training experience, areas of focus include:

  • File set-up
  • Office layout and storage
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Time management


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