1.   What is systems thinking?


In short, systems thinking takes into consideration the role and relationship of items to each other.  It takes the old A-B-C approach and says that perhaps B would be more efficient if it was before A.  This alternative means of thinking breaks systems into smaller pieces and encourages you to look for a better way to put the pieces back together.  


Breathing Space Organizing teaches the basics of systems thinking when working with businesses and homeowners.  When assisting seniors, clients relocating, or families in bereavement, Breathing Space uses systems thinking to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.  Whether teaching or using, the key is to design a solution that is efficient and saves the you time and money.


2.   What is a professional organizer?

A professional organizer provides techniques and assistance that help you become organized by identifying goals and removing obstacles.  In addition to providing assistance and education, a professional organizer should motivate you to embrace your uniqueness and help you reach your goals. 


3.   What questions should I ask when hiring a professional organizer?

Due to the sensitive nature of information handled by a professional organizer, Breathing Space Organizing Service recommends starting with the following questions.  Of course, personality is also a major factor and you will want to make sure you trust them.  (Our answers are in bold): 

    1. Do you have a business license? Yes
    2. What is your professional experience? Training and Development Manager with over 15 years of management experience working for nationally known companies.
    3. What type of organizing system do you use? Systems Thinking combined with other fundamental organizing techniques.
    4. Do you have a contract with a confidentiality clause? Yes
    5. Are there additional charges (e.g. supplies, travel, etc.)?   Charges vary depending on job location. 
    6. Do you have references? Yes
    7. Do you do this full time? Yes
    8. When did you start your business?  2001 

4.   How long will I need to work with a professional organizer?

Because each client situation is unique, the time will vary. Breathing Space provides an estimate during the initial consultation. Although we do have some clients that request ongoing maintenance programs, we constantly review the system to ensure we aren’t a “band-aid”. 


5.    What does it cost?

 Click Here


6.   Will a professional organizer make me throw away all my stuff?

Being organized is not an “all or nothing” approach.  The objective is to determine what you want to keep and then find a logical home for the item within your organizing system.


7.    Will I be involved in making the decisions?

Absolutely.  Breathing Space walks you through the decision making process and discusses your options.  When in doubt, you are encouraged to follow your initial gut feeling.


8.   What can a professional organizer do for me?

A professional organizer partners with you to save you time, money, and frustration. 


9.   What if I don’t know where to start?

      During the initial consultation, Breathing Space Organizing Service will guide you through a process aimed at identifying the phases needed to reach your goal . 


10.  How does the process work?

      Click Here for more information.


11.    Does Breathing Space Organizing travel?

Yes!  We are available to service our clients regardless of their location. Click Here for a consultation.

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