The mission of Breathing Space is to give you “mental and physical breathing space”.  We accomplish this by providing options that empower you to make decisions, tackle obstacles, reduce stress, reach goals, and celebrate life. 


Our philosophy is that in order to obtain internal balance or peace, your outer world must be in balance.  It is only then that you are able to reach your full potential.  With the assistance of Breathing Space you are able to embrace where you are and take control of your destiny.  In fact, the organizing process has been described as life changing. 



Shanna Robb, the founder of Breathing Space Organizing Service, Inc. brings to the industry a refreshing approach to organizing and relocating. With a degree in psychology and an extensive background in project management and training, Shanna has created a variety of hands-on services aimed at giving businesses and homeowners the gift of time.

Prior to starting Breathing Space, Shanna was exposed to all aspects of business management including training and development, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, customer service, accounting, and inside sales.  Using a systems thinking approach, she and her team have been instrumental in assisting businesses and homeowners with their relocations and organizing challenges.  Working one-on-one with clients, Breathing Space is known for their integrity and keen ability to provide creative solutions that save clients both time and money.

In addition to being a hands-on organizer, Shanna is also available for speaking engagements.  Clients describe her style as being energetic, motivating, and educational.  In fact, her passion is known to be contagious!

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